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I appear to be back.

I've just read through my last few posts seeing as i've just remembered I have one of these things, and you know, it's frightening how young I was just over a year ago.

So here's a quick recap - for those who are interested...

* Mostly, I use FaceBook now. It is awesome.

* I dated Chris for three months. He is a cunt and that is all that will be said on the matter.

* I then went slightly mad and had something of a breakdown. Very little will be said on this, but I started smoking and made a couple of bad choices. Luckily I am friends with said bad choices now so it's all okay =D

* I dated a guy called Preston for around six months. All was going well until he told me he wanted to sleep around and 'get his numbers up'. Needless to say it didn't last long after then, but he was 21, what did I expect???

* I didn't do any VW shows last year really, Preston didn't really want to and money's been tight. I did however go to Download and Reading festivals and will be going to this years Reading (I got my ticket the day after getting back from last years XD)

* I am now very happy and in a relationship with Fridge (real name Ian - don't ask). We've been together for 3.5 months and I know for a fact that he's the man I'm going to spend the rest of my life with. I love him, and he loves me. We want to live together, get married, have kids and eventually emigrate - possibly New Zealand. None of that is necessarily going to happen in that order, and certainly marriage and kids are a few years down the line yet, but he makes me happy, completely. I feel so safe with him, I know he's always going to be there for me, and I want to be there for him, to keep him safe and loved, to build a life together... *^.^*

Anyway, I really ought to get some sleep, I have to work tomorrow.... =P


Simply Smitten *^^*

That's what I am!

So, it turns out that this guy I work with who everyone call's Fester is friends with Chris, from the chocolate shop.

A copule of weeks ago, he cam over to my desk and asked if I had been in the chocolate shop the previous Friday. I said no, but I was there on Saturday, why?
He said, oh, my mate works there and he'd memtioned about a girl with a tattoo on her wrist, thought it might be you...

Me and Mandy looked at each other, and we bombarded Fester with questions bout Chris.

Tunrs out he's 23 (just, his Birthday was in May, the 10th to be precise..), he lives in Newport, like 15-20 mins away, he's got an old Mini called Felix and, he was single...

Fester was like, what? Do you like him then? Daft question really considering I was sat there grinning like a fool with bright red cheeks. So Fester gave Chris my number...

Since then, we've been bowling (our 1st date), he came to Deva for the day (our 2nd date), watched DVD's at Fester's (our 3rd date), watched DVD's at Chris' (our 4th Date), then we went to the cinema and saw Spiderman 3 (our 5th date) and we've had our first weekend away, coz he came to the Bus Stopover last weekend.

I'M SO SMITTEN!!! He's lovely, really sweet and kinda shy, and he's such a big geek it's fabulous! We're into the same comics and movies, and we get on really well.

I like him alot *^^*


The Joy of Cocoa

So, remember that guy I mentioned who works in the local chocolate shop..?

The one with the dreadlocks and the baby blue eyes?

You know, Christopher?


I went in yesterday to buy chocolate (again) and he served me, and he recognised me *^^*

So, I think I'm gonna ask him out.

Might be hard though, seeing as I've fallen in love with Captain Jack Sparrow again.. Went to see the third film last night... Oh lord! It was FABULOUS!!!

Jack get's his shirt off in this weird bit where there's like, dozens of Jack Sparrow's, and he's yummy.. He's covered in beautiful tattoo's, all script down his back and on his shoulders... Yum...

So, I'm going to see it again next week. Darn it, I need to see more of Jack!

And speaking of Jack's, I'm off to find songs from the Nightmare before Xmas as done by Fall Out Boy, and Panic! At The Disco..




Ok, so, against my better judgement, I was talked into signing up to an online dating service. So, on Saturday, me and Niki set up my profile and had fun browsing through the freaks and weirdos, of which there are plenty in my area, which is worrying...

So, I check my profile tonight, and I have three messages. Gosh.

They're all from men 30 or over!!

My profile clearly states I want someone 23-28.

Why do I keep attracting these old people! Is there something wrong with me? Do I have a tattoo on my forehead that says old guys welcome? Coz I need to get it lasered. Seriously, is it really so much to ask for? A nice guy MY age.

Damn it... I'm so depressed... I'm gonna go buy chocolate tomorrow...

I know I know...

I have been very bad and not updated for, like, a million years..

Or something like that...

So what's happened since the 5th April??


* Bustypes! Always fun, I drank lots, saw some lovely cars, broke my tent, helped Mel out on the stall, got sunburnt and danced. Not nessecarily in that order... Oh, and I can't spell, but you knew that already..

* Stamford Hall! Another VW show, but we've never been before, lots of cars, I think practically ever single Splittie ever made was there, seriously. And there were 5 Marathons! Just like my Mavis... Gonna be a Geek and join the Marathon Owners Club *^^* Also, here is where I develop a thing for boys with dreadlocks.

* I venture into Hotel Chocolate in town, and discover another boy with dreadlocks, his name is Christopher (I know coz I read it off his namebadge *^^*) and he has blue eyes. I'm going back tomorrow to dazzel him with my gorgeous ladylike-ness.

* Mavis passed her MOT! Only cost me £100 this time, just an anti-roll bar bracket, the handbrake and the window washers to fix. No welding (phew!) so to celebrate, she now has a garland of flowers across the passenger blind thingy, and two big purple flowers in the dash *^^*

* Watched 'Final Fantasy: Advent Children' (well most of it) last night. Need to see the beginining now.

* Went to the driving range and discovered I can hit a golf ball!

* Watched 'The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen', then went out and bought the comic book.

Still to come:

* My cousins hen night on Saturday. This will be a low key sensible affair I think, because my cousin, bless her, is sensible and low key. I will be stunning in 4 inch heels and stockings. Growl.

* Off to see my Baby Brother! Next friday to be precise. There will be drinking no doubt, I will shop naturally, and a jolly good time will be had by all! Plus I only have to pay one way coz on the Sunday night, Mom amd Dad are on about coming up and staying the night. Groovy.

So anyway, that's about it..

How are you?



The inside of my right forearm

The inside of my right forearm
Originally uploaded by Orphelia.
Lookin mighty fine *^^*

More tatt..

Proper view of the peony
Originally uploaded by Orphelia.
It's the top! The pretty purple peony is very kool...

Brand New Tattoo!!!

Check it out...

It's the underside of my right forearm! How pretty?!?

I'll show you the rest in a min...

New Tattoo!!

I got my tattoo! Huzzah!

Jo is awsome, she's just incredible, she's an amazing artist and a really lovely lady.

Took her 3.5 hours in the end, 'twas sooo painful, I was twitching and things by the end... Then I left and got a train, shaking and talking to myself the whole way back! Ace.

It's probably a little bigger then I had thought, but it's just gorgeous. A purple peony flower, with four dainty little cherryblossoms and some grey shading.

It's quite swollen at the mo, so gonna let it settle before I take any pics.

Mom and Dad freaked.

But they were expecting a tiny little bracelet style piece, and this is most definately not a bracelet.

But we've talked, cried and hugged, and we're all friends again. On one condition that I don't get anymore tats while I live at home. Which isn't a bad idea really. It would be dumb to get anymore for a little while.

So all in all, an emotionally and physically painful and traumatic 2 days, but feeling good now, so all is peachy.



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